More Info

  • Emergency Service

    For after-hours emergencies, the answering service will refer you to the Emergency Clinic of Southwest Missouri in Springfield at 890-1600. They are equiped and staffed to handle an emergency when our hospital is closed and will send us records of any care your pet receives so continuity of care is achieved.  We understand how important it is to talk to a doctor in the event of an emergency. Every effort will be made to respond to your emergency as soon as possible.
  • First Visit

    When bringing your pet in for a check-up remember it may be a little uneasy about new people, surroundings, and other pets. We suggest animals be placed on a leash, in a pet carrier, or held in your arms before entering the waiting room. Your pet and others in the waiting area will appreciate the extra consideration.

    To aid the examination of your pet, please bring a stool sample for intestinal parasite analysis. In addition, dates of previous vaccinations and surgeries, and other pertinent information will be helpful in assessing your pet’s health status.